Everything you need to know about air treatment and water purification

Mellifiq Academy provides you with valuable knowledge about effective purification techniques, advantages and possibilities..

Mellifiq Academy is an objective information center and a platform to transfer knowledge about air treatment and water purification where we share the proficiency that 25 years of experience has given us. The ambition with our seminars is to increase the understanding of ozone treatment and explain the advantages that come with the method. We present different purification techniques, point out aspects that are important to consider, clarify the requirements that should be set and highlight why existing regulations and standards are important to take into account in order to succeed with a purification project.

Since the beginning of Mellifiq Academy, in 2011, more than 5000 technical consultants, operations managers, property owners/managers, ventilation contractors, restaurant owners and many others have participated in our seminars. As more people get their eyes on ozone treatment, it is time to offer our seminars to a broader target group.

We have accumulated our knowledge through solid research and theoretical modelling, product development, as well as a large number of actual installations of advanced, sustainable and efficient treatment solutions around the world.

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Open seminars

We regularly hold open seminars, where everyone is welcome!

In Stockholm, we arrange seminars in our own conference rooms in our facility at Elektravägen 53, in Hägersten.

When we come to other cities, we hold our seminars at conference rooms that are centrally located in the city in question. The specific locations, when seminars are held outside Stockholm, are announced in the invitations. Stay informed about our upcoming seminars by signing up for our newsletter.

A limited number of seats

At our physical seminars, the number of seats are often limited to a maximum of 30 persons per occasion and they usually fill up quickly. Make sure to secure a seat by signing up here.

Naturally, when we hold moderated webinars, more people can participate. Sign up for our newsletter for information on upcoming webinars.

Customized seminars

If you are more than 10 people at your company who want to be up to date when it comes to the knowledge of effective cleaning techniques, we can come to you and hold a seminar! If colleagues are spread out in several different offices but still want to participate, we can easily hold the seminar through an internet-based video conferencing service.

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