A new source of energy

Purify the kitchen exhaust air and recycle tens of thousands of euros every year

Greasy and dirty exhaust air is associated with costs. If purified, it would instead be a valuable resource.

A restaurant with an exhaust air flow around 1 500 l/s loses about 7 000 to 14 000 euros per year in heat energy depending on the operating conditions. The payback period for an air purification system and a heat recovery unit can be as short as a few years. Kitchen ventilation is needed in order to create a good working environment in the kitchen, to dissipate heat as well as cooking odors and moisture and to supply the area with fresh air. However, in Sweden alone, an estimated 280 million euros disappear in the form of heat energy through the ventilation of our properties.

There are ongoing projects designed to make commercial kitchens more energy efficient. Energy savings can be achieved by selecting the right equipment, utilizing demand-controlled ventilation, correct service intervals of the equipment and training of staff. The heat energy in the exhaust air from a kitchen constitutes by far the largest part of the possible energy savings – probably as much as 40% of the total energy consumption in a kitchen.

An average sized kitchen can save tens of thousands of euros annually by taking measures that allow heat recovery from the exhaust air with a heat exchanger.

The solution

Start purifying the air and installing a heat exchanger. Already at a thermal efficiency of 40 %, the potential savings are significant. This website aims to present solutions for problems related to grease in the kitchen exhaust systems.