Ventilation in commercial kitchens – Helsinki

Remove grease in the exhaust air and recover heat worth tens of thousands of SEK

An increasing number of commercial kitchen-, restaurant- and property owners are already recovering valuable heat energy from the extract air.  The most efficient heat recovery is achieved if the grease is continuously removed from the exhaust air. If the fat remains, even in small amounts, the heat exchanger will soon be covered with a growing layer of fat which eventually will prevent it from working properly. This results in significantly less energy recovery.

Continuous and efficient treatment of exhaust air will also reduce risks of fire as no energy-riche grease layer will be built up in the duct over time. In addition, odor problems are minimized, and cheaper duct material (class 2B – in Sweden) can be used in new installations. In addition, the frequent need of manual cleaning will be reduced to minimal. As a perspective, a kitchen where the majority of the food is fried, is recommended to manually clean the ducts at least once a month.

What is the most reliable, economically and environmentally advantageous method to eliminate fat from air, day after day, year after year, achieving the same excellent results every time?

Come join the next edition of Ozone Academy, our series of knowledge seminars, and you’ll get all the answers you are looking for. We’ll go through different methods of cleaning air in commercial kitchens and how they work and also share more than 25 years of knowledge and experience in treating air.

  • Information :

  • When : 2020-11-05 12:00 EET
  • Category : Kitchen exhaust
  • Level : Introductional
  • Language : Finnish
  • City : Helsinki
  • Country : Finland
  • Platform : Seminar
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